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Established in 2014, Up 4 Success is an international organization created to connect professional women of various industries. We are a platform for women to introduce themselves and their business as well as connecting through luncheons, seminars and other events and believe in sharing information, experience, passion and building relationships.

We see success in supporting one another professionally and socially.

We are dedicated to providing a platform for women to utilize their skills, knowledge  and resources to grow their business and support one another. We are promoting local and international women in business through networking events and seminars.


We envision a group of passionate women who will grow personally, economically and socially with each other's support. They will be making a difference in their communities.


"Up 4 Success is a sophisticated organization with huge amount of knowledge in related areas to bring all together. A very responsible leadership one can hold accountable to the max. I have known the founder, Haleh, for over 20 years and seen her excel so beautifully."

—Frouz Farnoush, CSR, GRI, ABR

Asociated Real Estate Broker

Norouz Gala 2018 Featuring Leila Forouhar
March 17, 2018

The Founder

Up 4 Success

Haleh Boroumand is the founder of Up 4 Success LLC, a networking company focused on promoting women-owned businesses. Up 4 Success creates the opportunity for women to connect through empowering and collaborative events. These events help members and guests learn from and about each other. By sharing skills and knowledge women empower one another locally and globally.


Haleh Boroumand is a compassionate humanitarian, a business woman and a community leader. She leverages her educational background in international relations and foreign languages to connect with people from all around the world.  Haleh strongly believes in networking through events.  Over the past twenty years, she has organized numerous fundraisers, seminars, reunions, galas and networking events. In the process, Haleh has encouraged women to work collaboratively to further develop their skills and profiles. She has also been instrumental in promoting women-owned businesses. With her extensive background she has launched Up 4 Success to continue her efforts in promoting women and their businesses.


She has also dedicated her life to charitable giving from a very young age. Haleh believes that we are all part of a larger family called humanity. Her skills, as a business woman for over twenty years, have helped her organize numerous fundraising events for several nonprofit organizations, mostly in support of under privileged children around the world.